Copy Carver User Testimonials

"Ed, I purchased plans for your copy carver several months ago.  We have always had problems carving complex curves in our trim which goes on the house of our custom sportfishing boats. Sometimes we make them wrong and have to start over again. I got the idea to make the initial part out of trim segments and then use the copy carver to duplicate the part into our teak wood.  A piece of teak large enough to make one of these corners cost several hundred dollars. If you make a mistake not only do you waste the wood but all of the time involved.
The project was a great success.
Made 4 of the main corners and 2 more smaller front corners and ended up with 100% usable parts and one of the best looking trim rails that we have ever done!!!
Hope you like the pictures."  ~John Whiticar
ps.. you can see more of the project on our web site...


"I ran my Copy Carver for the first time last night.  It works great and is a lot of fun.  I will be using it to make propellers and 4 bladed fans for hovercrafts.  All in all I am very happy with the unit.  Thanks for making such a simple design."~Rob Tilton


"I love the machine, I've done paddles, model boat hulls, and foundry patterns. Thanks for sharing such a great idea!" ~ Ron Hagedorn


Thought I would email you a photo of my first carving with the copy carver. I built the carver for 130.00 using a cheepie router to start with. I am amazed at how much time it will save me carving violin tops and backs. I have carved engleman spruce top and the attached photo of Maple back this is a strad copy.  Thanks for the great plans and instructions. Best investment I have made this year.
George Dykes


Hi Ed. Finished my copy carver. It works great. I haven't decided what I'm going to carve yet, but it makes great signs. I had an old clock with an eagle on top of it and I carved it. I might try a fish next. Thanks for the plans. Thanks again, here's a picture. 

Ralph Jones

ED I'm sure you have seen hundreds of your copy machines so this is nothing new. ............a few observations for building the "drawer slide model" might be helpful for others so here goes.
 ......thanks for sharing you idea ....... it is truly a pleasure. For me.... I have moved the time from roughly 35 min. to 7 min to go from block of wood to a shape ready for my "artistic know how to go to work"
James B Wilson
Jackson MO





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